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The said item is a natural hard ball, hand sorted, which is meant as grinding media in the ball mills. This is used by the ceramic units, Paints industries, Glass manufacturing units for their grinding process. In this trade this is the best and most required item, being natural product it has no undesirable effect on the material produced by the above sectors. Also silica balls are the cheapest among the options available in the market. The detailed information about the item is as under :
Siliminite Silica Balls : It is a natural product
Source : River bed
Shape : Oval & round as possible
Surface : Smooth and free from sand particles
Hardness : 7-8 on Moh's scale
Colour : Snow White
Product Description


    Standard Specifications Types Natural Sand Pebbles, Natural River Pebbles, Polished River Pebbles, Polished Sand Pebbles, etc. Finishes Dry tumbled pebbles and wet tumbled pebbles. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles a polished and smooth finish in comparison to the wet tumbled stones. Available Colors White, Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Yellow, Beige, Red, etc. We can also supply stone pebbles in various sizes and specifications to fulfill individual customer requirements. Each stone is unique in its character and properties and hence variation must be expected. The given pictures are for reference only and the actual stone pebbles may vary in color, tone, marking and texture.
    Applications Stone pebbles are used as decorative landscaping stones and come in various hues and sizes and find usage in homes, artificial ponds, fountains, posh lounges, open air theaters, aquaria, parks, out houses and gardens. Polished pebbles are used at a large scale for various interior designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost.
    1.Dig a trench around a natural area, and fill the trench with pebbles. The pebble-filled trench will serve a few purposes: provide water drainage, prevent grass from spreading into landscaping and provide an attractive outline that makes the natural area stand out. 2.Fill an entire natural area with pebbles instead of a material such as mulch. Mix several colors of pebbles to provide a look found in mountain areas or streams, or use one specific pebble color to go along with other landscaping features to create a more modern ambiance.
    3.Lay pebbles that are 1 inch or less in diameter to fill in and define a walkway, or use them in a larger area, such as a space with tables and chairs. The small, smooth stones will be easier on your feet than the sharp edges of gravel. If you already have a pathway or seating area, outline it with the small stones for an interesting effect. Choose a pebble color that contrasts with, or is at least a little darker or lighter than, the pathway or seating space to highlight the area.
    4.Create what looks like a dried-up stream's winding, pebble-filled riverbed in a natural area. Plant low-growing vegetation or grasses along edges of the pebbles to add to the effect. An option is to use the pebbles to line a low area or ditch that typically turns into a small stream during rainy times.
    5.Form patterns or shapes in an area of lawn by outlining them with pebbles. For example, make checkerboard effects or big circles of grass by using pebbles to define or fill them.
    6.Mix the pebbles with other stones along a path or in landscaping to create more texture and eye appeal.
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